The COVID-19 pandemic: reflections from pastoral areas

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, with significant impacts in pastoral areas; not least through the effects of lockdown measures on mobility. PASTRES researchers and partners have offered a number of reflections on COVID-19 and pastoralism over the past months. This blog acts as a compilation of these contributions with the links to them all below.

Living with Coronavirus Uncertainties: Four Lessons from Pastoralists written by PASTRES principle investigator Ian Scoones and core researcher Michele Nori

‘I feel like I am in-between’: Coronavirus and Tunisia’s pastoralists written by PASTRES PhD student Linda Pappagallo

As Italy buckles under the coronavirus pandemic, small food producers try to carry on written by PASTRES PhD student Giulia Simula

‘I exist because you exist’: The ‘moral economy’ of pastoralists’ in response to COVID-19 written by PASTRES PhD student Tahira Shariff

Under Force Majeure: Pastoralists and Covid-19 in Mediterranean Europe written by PASTRES core researcher Michele Nori

Herding in a confined spring: Pastoralists in Jordan during the COVID-19 pandemic written by PASTRES affiliate researcher Mathilde Gingembre and Anas Amarneh

How Kachchh’s Nomadic pastoralists are dealing with COVID-19’s challenges written by PASTRES PhD student Natasha Maru

How are Kenyan pastoralists coping in the time of COVID-19? written by Rahma Hassan

Photo Credit: Matteo Caravani

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