Film and gallery: Sharing views of pastoralism and development policy

Earlier this month, the PASTRES team met in Addis Ababa together with other researchers, policymakers, NGO workers and social movement representatives to discuss the results of the PASTRES research programme. Today we are sharing a short film and photo gallery of the event.

Since 2018, our work has explored how pastoralists respond to environmental, market and political uncertainties in diverse settings. We have been working in six countries across three continents and the results from Amdo Tibet in China, Borana in Ethiopia, Isiolo in Kenya, Gujarat in India, Sardinia in Italy and Douiret in Tunisia were shared at the workshop.

Last week’s blog post offered an overview of the event, which was co-hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and held at their campus in Addis Ababa. Our discussions focused on elaborating a ‘new narrative’ for pastoral development and policy, examining the implications for policy and practice around four themes.

As well as the summary, last week’s blog post includes recordings of the two public webinars we held during the three days of debate – an opening plenary on new narratives, and a closing session on ways forward for policy. ILRI colleagues have also produced two excellent blogs summarising key aspects of the event.

Video: Perspectives from participants

During the workshop, Roopa Gogineni interviewed the PASTRES team, along with other participants who had offered commentaries during the workshop. Her short film is structured around the four themes of the workshop: mobility and migration; land and environment; markets and livelihoods and social protection and insurance.

If you missed the workshop, then you can get a good sense of the engagement from all participants in the photo slideshow below. We had participants from 12 countries and from a wide diversity of backgrounds.

In addition to short talks offering insights from the research, our ‘world café’ session provided a great opportunity to share insights from our different sites, including material and food cultures, while our photo exhibition – opened by Ahmed Shide, Ethiopia’s Minister of Finance – offered a visual overview of diverse pastoral settings (you can see the full exhibition online at

To browse the slideshow, click the right or left arrows (or swipe right or left on a mobile device).

For more information about the workshop, see the event page.